Family bed Turino Mattress 170 cm width

Brand: Family Bed
Rebound with Memory foam Mattress height is 25 cm Turino is the favorite mattress for 5 stars hotel Doctors always advise cartilage patients and those who suffer from pain in the spine to sleep on medical mattresses to support the spine, so Family Bed Company manufactured of medical mattress and named it Turino. Turino mattress combines between hard medical sponge (Rebound) and Memory foam that takes the shape of the body. The mattress guarantee is 10 years and you can replace the mattress after two years if it has a manufacturing defect Mattress’s specifications: 1- A fabric layer of high quality synthetic fibers (Double Net). 2- A layer of fiber weighing 200 g/m2 quilted with a layer from high-density Memory foam with a thickness of 10 mm. 3- A layer of Non-woven fabric, weighing 20 g/m2. 4- A high-density Memory foam layer, 40 mm thick. 5- A high-density sponge layer, 35 mm thick. 6- A high-density medical sponge layer , 120 mm thick. 7- A high-density sponge layer, 25 mm thick.
Vendor: Family Bed
20,825.00 جنيه
Delivery date: 3 - 10 Days
Products specifications
Mattress Height 25 cm
Mattress Width 170 cm
Mattress Length 190 cm ~ 200 cm
Mattress Type Foam
Foam Type Memory Foam
Comfort Grade Medium